WATCH: UPS Surprises Little Boy, With His Own Brown Truck!

(WKRG) - All he wants for Christmas, is to be a UPS truck driver. And that's just what 5-year-old James got, thanks to his local driver who's also become a close friend. A video posted by the delivery company is going viral, and delivering "all the feels" as they like to say on social media.

UPS shared the video, to also make others wishes come true. In the video the little boy says, "My name is James and I want to be a UPS driver when I grow up."  Thanks to a UPS driver only identified as "Miss Kellie," he doesn't have to wait, "when he sees my truck come down the driveway, he is out the door and waiting for me to put my truck in park," she says in the video.

It appears that James and "Miss Kellie" have become great friends, "Miss Kellie is the best, she smells good when I hug her," James says in the video. But today he's getting more than just a hug from her.

"So I asked him what he wanted and he said a UPS truck, and I want to help make that wish come true," so Miss Kellie spent 3 months planning the surprise according to the video. And it was quite the surprise. James got his own truck, that really runs and drives. He got a uniform, brown shorts, hat and all. And he even got to deliver the package. Now, "Brown" is using the video to raise $100,000 to grant other holiday wishes. Each time the video is shared, they'll donate a dollar, up to that $100,000

"I will travel to the ends of the earth to make sure that people's wishes come true," says "Miss Kellie" as she drives off into the sunset.

Watch the entire video here:

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