WATCH: Oh no! Ursula's head falls off during Disney Little Mermaid ride

ANAHEIM, Calif. (WFLA) - ANAHEIM, Calif. (WFLA) – Maybe you can call it karma. A robotic Disney villain may have inadvertently gotten what was coming to her when her head fell off during a ride over the weekend at Disney California Adventure Park.

The head of the Ursula animatronic on the Little Mermaid ride fell off in front of horrified park guests on Sunday.

The head dangled while the animatronic continued to sing.

One park guest recorded the ride malfunction and then tweeted about it.

“This happened today which caught me off guard because Disney is usually so critical over things like this #offwithherhead!” said Twitter user @dizzzymissy in the tweet which included video of the headless Ursula.

“I think it just fell forward I did not witness it, but I was surprised some sort of alarm didn’t go off,” she added.

The mishap made kids on the ride cry.

“The ride keeps moving so once we passed I stopped recording and the passengers in the back of us which had small children started crying out loud,” she tweeted.

“…I was surprised cause I see Disney as perfection, but it just shows that nobody or nothing is perfect, and even giants like Disney have mishaps, just gotta keep it moving and keep singing,” she tweeted.

The mishap is something @dizzzymissy could find hard to forget.

“It’s one of those images that may take awhile to get out of your head,” she tweeted.

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