NFL Player Reportedly Shot in Ankle Sunday

WKRG Staff - Fayetteville, AR (KNWA) -- Just before 2 a.m. on Sunday morning, Fayetteville police responded to multiple gunshots just off Dickson Street. According to police, the shooting happened at 436 West Watson Street which is just a couple of streets down from Dickson.

Police have not said whether Former Razorback football player, Sebastian Tretola, was one of the two victims hospitalized. But they have said that they are no other shootings currently under investigation.

The shooter is still on the loose after injuring two males last night. Fayetteville police are actively trying to track down the man responsible for this crime.

"It was just kind of a normal Saturday night when everyone gets out of the bars and stuff like that. I heard screaming when it happened so I knew something was different." University of Arkansas,Tanner Shuck, said.

"This isn't normal, this is abnormal, this doesn't occur on Dickson street very often." Fayetteville Police Department Public Information Officer, Sergeant Anthony Murphy, said.

Shots rang out around last call at the bars on Dickson. Police say the shooting came after two men started arguing.

"The shooting was proceeded by an altercation between two males, that altercation escalated and one of the males produced a handgun and fired shots." Murphy said.

According to police, two men were shot. One was involved in the fight, the other -- an innocent bystander. Because police have a heavy presence on Dickson late at night, they were able to arrive on the scene quickly.

"We had officers in the area of the shooting last night moments after it occurred. At the scene we found small caliber handgun shell casings. The number of casings is unknown at this time." Murphy said.

Residents who live at the apartment complex right behind where the shooting occurred said they're used to hearing a lot of noise at night, but nothing like what happened Sunday morning.

"It's loud out here until probably 2:30 - 3:00 at night so anything you hear is kind of like normal. Its just something happening outside everyone's having a good time. It causes a little of alert when you're trying to sleep and you hear gunshots go off. It's a little scary to think something could fly through your window." Shuck said.

"We have numerous officers in the Dickson street area at that time of night. Sometimes you can't just help things that occur at 2 a.m. in an entertainment district like that." Murphy said.

Fayetteville police have not yet released the names of the two victims.

According to University of Arkansas Police Department, the shooting suspect is described as a dark skinned male, around five foot ten and weighing somewhere between 180 to 200 pounds.

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