Mom Produces Over 200 Ounces of Breast Milk a Day, Donates Milk

WKRG Staff - PORTLAND, Ore. (CNN) -- Hundreds of babies are benefiting from an Oregon mom who donates her abundant breast milk supply to babies and hospitals in need.

Elisabeth Anderson-Sierra is nursing her 6-month-old daughter and pumps too and it's a lot!

She has something called Hyper Lactation Syndrome, when a mom can produce more than a gallon and a half of breast milk per day.

Elisabeth produces over 200 ounces a day. Normally, a mother produces 20-30 ounces in a day.

"Breastmilk is liquid gold, it should never be thrown away," she stated.

So she donates the milk to both local moms and to hospitals nationwide.

"Being able to help so many babies every single day is just a beautiful thing. There are 'over producers' out there, that are willing to share, and willing to help," she said.


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