Man lets cats ride on hood of car

PORTLAND, Or. (KION) - If you happen to be in Oregon and see a cat riding on the hood of a red SUV don't be alarmed.

Someone reported seeing Pixie perched on the hood of a car that was driving slowly in the parking lot of a Taco Bell in Gresham.

the witness took video of it, called police and talked to TV reporters.

The 4-year old domestic short-hair belongs to Jesse Dorsett-- along with two other felines named Dixie and Mister Jinx. 

Dorsett says they have been riding in the car since they were kittens and enjoy going out with him.

The cats do wear safety gear when they're riding on the hood. They have on a leash, harness and even wear reflective safety vests.

Jesse Dorsett/Owner: "I can make sure they don't get too far forward ... Normally stay close to the windshield... Middle of the hood, traveling couple miles an hour. They enjoy it."

Dorsett says he never lets them ride on the hood at high speeds or on busy roads. They only ride on empty areas of parking lots or long driveways. 


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