Average worker can't afford 2-bedroom apartment anywhere in US, report says

Retail salespeople, maintenance workers, restaurant employees -- millions of Americans are struggling to get by in low-paying jobs. 

Affordable housing is a big challenge. 

Minimum wage earners can no longer afford rent on a two-bedroom apartment anywhere in the country. 

The report comes from the National Coalition For Low Income Housing, which says only a handful of states offer affordable housing for people making less than $15 an hour. 

The problem? Even the lowest amount is higher than the local minimum wage. 

For example, in Arkansas, you only need to earn a little over $13 for a typical 2-bedroom apartment. 

But that's still almost double the Arkansas minimum wage of $8.50. 

In California, the gap is even greater. 

You can afford a typical 2-bedroom apartment if you make just under $33 an hour. 

That's three times the state minimum wage of 411.

Anyone making that amount would have to work triple shifts of 119 hours a week for a 2-bedroom apartment. 

Even for a single bedroom, you'd need to work 93 hours. 

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