April Fools' Day Pranks for Easter

PHOENIX (KASW) - When was the last time Easter fell on April Fools' Day? I have no clue, but it presents a wonderful opportunity for pranksters like me.

So if you're looking for a way to make this Easter "eggs-tra" special, we found a bunch of pranks that even the laziest of pranksters can do this Sunday:

Fill a hollow Easter bunny with mustard or ketchup
Simply pop a hole in the top of the bunny and fill it to your heart's desire. When your victim bites into the bunny, they'll be totally caught off guard. The percentage of people who like the combo is roughly 0%, according to our research.

Dye an uncooked egg
While you're coloring your batch of eggs, throw in one or two uncooked ones. Then, scream (loudly) "the yokes on you" when your victim cracks one open.

Hide Peeps in random places
The Easter bunny got a little egg-cited this year and hid peeps all over the house. This one's actually kind of sweet if your family (or the family dog) loves Peeps.

Sneak your kids' old toys into their Easter basket
Hopefully, they freak out and hate the Easter bunny forever. 

Have an egg-less egg hunt
Did Dad forget to hide the eggs again? Nope. He's just a jerk.

Hide empty plastic eggs
Or better yet, put dumb stuff in them like empty candy wrappers or vegetables. If you want to take it a step further (and who doesn't), glue the eggs shut so the kids struggle to open them, only to find no candy or money inside.

Fill colorful tin paper with grapes instead of chocolates

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