16 Years Later: American Pauses to Remember 9/11

WKRG Staff - (CNN) -- President Donald Trump led September 11th remembrances for the first time as Commander-in-Chief, 16 years after then President George W. Bush told the nation of the terrorist attacks.

For hours on this anniversary, three sites observed the moments 2,977 people died.

16 years after the moment American Airlines flight 11 struck the World Trade Center North Tower, silence still seeks to fill the void.

Silence at 8:46 a.m. in New York and at the White House.

And at 9:03 a.m. when a plane struck the South tower.

9:37 when the Pentagon was hit.

9:59 when the South tower fell.

All in remembrance of when many people were lost so quickly.

Vice President Mike Pence recalled the moment in 2001 when police told the then-Congressman a place was 12 minutes from the U.S. Capitol. "It turned to 13 minutes. And then we were informed the plane had gone in a field in Pennsylvania."

That is the very location that he spoke Monday as more silence was observed the 10:03 crash there.

And at 10:28 when the North tower fell.

"We mourn them, we honor them." Speaking at the Pentagon, President Trump said the flag that flies there is the story of a nation's resolve to keep people safe. "American does not bend. We do not waiver. And we will never, ever yield."

Strong words spoken, marking this 16th anniversary filled with powerful silence.


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