Mugshot of accused felon goes viral

FRESNO, Calif.(KSEE) - Mirella Ponce's mug shot has been turning heads on social media. Her neck is heavily tattooed showing the words "love is pain" and below that "pain is pleasure."

Detectives arrested Ponce Monday. Gang officers pulled her over on East White near Fresno Street. Police said she had a gun, her baby, and two other gang members inside the car.

Ponce was booked into jail on a felony. Fresno Police Lieutenant Mark Hudson said, "possession of loaded firearm in a vehicle and she had her infant child with her."

Fresno police posted her photo to Facebook.It's been shared close to 4 thousand times, received dozens of comments and more than 2,000 likes and reactions.

Sotero wrote, "The only crime she committed was stealing my heart." Shanell wrote, "All about her looks and not about the child in the car or the fact she's a gang member carrying a gun with other gang members." Another person offered to pay her bail.

We took the case to Vanguard Bailbonds. Bondsman Charles Vang said there's a liability for the person who pays for the bail. Charles Vang, of Vanguard Bailbonds of Ca. said, "You have to know and trust that person in jail that he or she is going to do the right thing."

Vang said, if the inmate misses court, you could be stuck paying the entire bail amount. For Ponce, it's $155 thousand dollars.

CBS 47's Legal Analyst Charles Magill said her looks could help her in the court of law.

"I think the rule of thumb is, judges do go more lenient on women period because of the bias. But there are a lot of female judges out there as well," said Magill.

This comes two years after former Stockton inmate, now model, Jeremy Meeks received nation-wide attention for his looks.

Social Media experts say the public sometimes turns to social media for a way to cope. "You have this confluence of very serious events happening in our world," said Jennifer Kneeley. "People looking for relief and internet is great for providing tons of information and providing relief from that."

Our legal analyst says Ponce could see 10 years behind bars, if convicted.

Fresno police said they attention is great for them, and they hope it drives more traffic to help solve cases.

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