Pizza Delivery Driver Carjacked at Gunpoint in Mobile

MOBILE, Ala (WKRG) - A woman in Mobile is now trying to figure out her next move after getting carjacked at gunpoint Friday night in Mobile.

Ashley Kelly was a delivery driver for Papa John's off Old Shell Road. Kelly says she was walking back to her car after delivering a pizza on Rhonda Drive when she was approached by the two male suspects, "I just panicked and surrendered. I didn't want to get shot."

Kelly says it was terrifying, "I was inside the car another guy came from the other side and snatched me out of the car and they both pointed a gun in my face."

The two suspects then took off with her car. Kelly says police are looking for her yellow 2008 Pontiac G5. Kelly says police told her another Papa Johns driver was carjacked 10 minutes before her in West Mobile.

This comes as the community is concerned about recent crime in the area off Airport Boulevard.

On Saturday a man was shot in the Yester Oaks shopping center parking lot. Two months prior to that a man was fatally shot across the street in the Panera Bread parking lot.

Many people in the community say they now avoid the area at night. Ashley Kelly says she will now be more cautious in the area, " I'm more frightened just going in that area lately. Cause I mean normally that doesn't happen. It's just been a lot lately, especially with gun violence."

Kelly says other drivers should take caution and always immediately lock their doors, "I'd  advise drivers to be safe getting in their cars. If someone's delivering a pizza to you please just be nice enough to make sure they get in their car."

Kelly resigned from her job at Papa Johns Friday night after the incident. She is now looking for another job.

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