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Man with "police" vest in handcuffs at shooting scene in Mobile

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) -  

UPDATE: There was gunfire in several locations late Tuesday night in Mobile, and a bizarre scene on Government Street where a man in a "police" vest was taken into custody in handcuffs near bullet riddled cars. Mobile Police however have yet to release even the basic facts about what happened. Phone calls, emails, and text messages have gone unanswered and officers on the scenes of the chaos said they were unauthorized to release any information. It remains unclear if the person being taken into handcuffs was a member of law enforcement or possibly an imposter. It's also unclear how or if the multiple shootings and police scenes are connected. Hundreds of people watched the scenes unfold LIVE on the WKRG Facebook page, looking for answers. But so far there has been no official word from police about any of the incidents. News 5 will continue to look for answers and will update with info as soon as police finally release it.


Mobile Police are investigating a car with what appears to be a bullet hole on the side and a flat tire on Government Street and Satchel Paige Drive late Tuesday evening. 

Our News 5 crew says they saw a man being handcuffed on the scene and brought to a police car. 

Mobile Police say they could not release any information. 

It is unknown if this car is connected with any of the other shootings that occurred in Mobile Tuesday night. 

Mobile Police are also still investigating shootings on Duval Street, where they say a 20-year-old man was shot and Ann Street, where a 17-year-old man was shot in the thigh. Police were also at the scene of a home on Driftwood Drive. It is still not confirmed why police are at the home on Driftwood. 

We will continue to update this developing story as we learn more. 

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