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Man catches burglars in yard, gets shot at after chase

THEODORE, Ala. (WKRG) - It wasn’t a typical Monday morning for one Theodore homeowner who woke up to strangers in his backyard trying to burglarize his home.

The homeowner, Dennis Williams, tells News 5 he wasn’t just going to let the suspects get away without a fight.

He says he woke up around 5am to his dog barking and heard some commotion in his backyard.

When he looked outside, he saw several female juveniles in his yard trying to steal from him.

That’s when he fired his gun into the air before chasing the suspects for nearly eight miles.

 “I hollered at them to stop, they jumped the fence, I shot two times in the air and the other one ran down the road here,” said Williams.  “I didn’t have my cell phone on me and I’m in my underwear. I came off the porch, got in my truck, and I went after them. I tried to bump their car or whatever I had to do to stop them.”

Williams chased their getaway car for about eight miles, all the way to the corner of Carol Plantation Road and Plantation Drive. That’s where he ran them off the road.

But the suspects called friends for backup. “So as the one car was pulling out, the one boy in the back seat reached out the back window and started shooting at me and hit my car in three different places and hit an apartment complex over there I found out later,” said Williams.

A building at the Clairborne Arms Apartments was hit but no one was hurt. Williams’ truck was also hit on his right light, a bumper and his driver’s side tire.

He says police also took his gun for evidence so he spent his day off from work getting a spare tire and a new gun.  “My guns been taken away from me but I do have a new one I bought today. I’m not going to be without one.”

Williams says he was able to flag down another driver to call police who arrested several of the suspects. News 5 reached out to both Mobile Police and the Mobile County Sheriff’s Department to confirm but have not heard back. 

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