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Irvington Family recovering after fire destroys home, kills dog

Irvington, AL (WKRG) - A house fire on March 7th lit up the night along Murray Heights Drive.  Greg Willis said it started with a popping noise out back.  They’ve been told a space heater blew a fuse in a breaker box and started the blaze at the rear of the home, leaving them seconds to get out alive.  

"I basically had a pair of pants and a t-shirt on, no keys no wallet no nothing no it gave us literally 30 seconds to evacuate the house," said homeowner Greg Willis.  There’s very little left standing.  A side wall is one of the few bits of evidence there was even a home here in the first place.  Family members say losing everything has been a humbling experience.

"I’m grateful to be alive, grateful the kids are alive, but when you have nothing, the children look up to you as a provider and you don’t have anything to give them," said Greg Willis.    As they scan the rubble, the Willis's say they’re also grateful for small acts of kindness since the big disaster.

"We’re thankful for everyone’s help that has helped us so far and thankful our kids are okay and not harmed," said Melissa Willis.  In addition to losing everything they owned, their family dog, Sparky, also died in the fire.  The family has also started a fundraising campaign through Go Fund Me.  

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