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Couple hoping to adopt Mobile woman's baby in adoption fraud case receives "miracle"

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) - There's been an unexpected twist to a story News 5 has followed for months about a Mobile woman charged in a nationwide adoption fraud case.

Shareen Gurnsey is accused of promising her baby to several families across the country. She is facing theft by deception charges.

News 5 spoke with one of the couples. They live in Pennsylvania, and they say they were matched with Gurnsey back in August. They asked that we only use their first names, "Beth and Rocky." They have tried unsuccessfully for years to have a baby and were thrilled to match with Gurnsey. They tell us they had frequent phone conversations with her and never suspected Gurnsey was anything but truthful. They had even started preparing a nursery.

"Everything came to a screeching halt," Rocky said. 

Beth and Rocky were devastated to learn that Gurnsey is accused of promising her baby to other families as well. They agreed to tell their story on television, in hopes of helping other couples.

Here's where the unexpected twist comes in. News 5 partnered with our sister station in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to shoot an interview with "Beth and Rocky." In turn, the station there shared their story.

A woman we are calling "Amy" happened to be watching. She was expecting a child, wanted to give the baby up for adoption, and had not matched with a family yet. She immediately felt a bond with "Beth and Rocky."

"What bigger sign for me than to see these people that were so desperate and so vulnerable at that moment and I knew that I could give them everything that they wanted?" Amy said.

Fast forward a few months — Baby "Mac" was born, and "Amy" handed him over to his new parents, "Beth and Rocky."

"Oh my God, he's amazing. I can't believe I'm going to cry. He's an absolute angel. His name is Mac James, he's, he's just like the love of our life," Beth cried. "Knowing what we got in the end, I would go through it all over again."

"Beth and Rocky" say their tears of sorrow were turned into tears of joy, thanks to "Amy."

Gurnsey remains in Metro Jail. She did give her baby up for adoption, but not to any of the families who originally thought they were getting her baby.  No date for her trial has been set.

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