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Community helps Murphy High School student whose house caught fire

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) - The community is coming together to help a Murphy High School student whose house caught fire Thursday night.

Mobile Fire and Rescue officials say it happened at 7:19 in the 500 block of Rickarby St. 

Murphy High School is now taking donations of clothing and gift cards for food and gas to help the family. They posted this message on its Facebook page Thursday morning with information on how you can help the family.



Murphy High School Principal Joe Toomey says the community is really stepping up to help, "I've had people come bring us brand new pair of shoes already. someone just handed me $500."

Barclay Erdman is one of the student's teachers. The school is keeping his identity private. Erdman says she wants the student know his classmates are concerned, "He's a such a sweet kid. Very kind and very respectful. I can't imagine what he's going through right now."

Principal Toomey says it's also important for school leaders to lead as examples in helping students in need, "We're not here just to teach them to Algebra, but teach them good citizenship, and the only way to do it is to model it."

Toomey says the support from the community makes him proud of Murphy High School and his alumni who have reached out to help, "It has been overwhelming. If you ever just needed your faith restored in humanity come to them for help in a tragedy because nobody's asking any questions. Nobody wants to know anything about the kid it's just what can they do to help."

The family spoke to News 5 but didn't want to go on camera. The family says the Red Cross is putting them in a hotel in the meantime. 

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