Chili cook-off returns to downtown Mobile

Mobile, AL (WKRG) -  It’s a beautiful day for a beautiful event in downtown Mobile.  Dozens of chili cook-off teams gather for the chili cook-off in support of the American Cancer Society.  There are 72 teams here. Some got here at 5 am or earlier to start making their own vats of chili.  This is the first time in a few years this event has been held in downtown Mobile and the first major event for Mardi Gras Park.  Organizers say they needed a change of pace 

"It was a downtown event that all of the people of this city enjoyed and the Grounds was a great place, a lot of room a lot of area but you really get a fun buzz whenever you get downtown you get a buzz and a lot of businesses have wanted it back downtown," said cook-off chairman Denson White.  The money raised will go to education and other programs sponsored by the American Cancer Society.  Organizers say, even though the economy is doing better, they noticed a decline in fundraising from the cook-off in recent years.  They hope by moving it downtown again they can raise up to $250,000


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