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UPDATE: Dog survives gunshot from police during drug bust, two suspects arrested

MOBILE, AL (WKRG) - 3:00PM Update from Mobile Police:

Mobile Police say officers responding to reported drug activity in the Maysville community were forced to shoot a dog during an altercation with one of two suspects.

Neighbors reacted angrily at police for shooting dog they call a neighborhood pet. One witness said, "I think that's messed up because I like the dog. It's a dog that we feed. Everybody loves the dog. They just killed Boosie. He's just dead and they could have avoided that." Another witness added, "Why would they shoot the dog when they lock the dog up over there on the chain and everybody in the neighborhood - my sister feeds the dog, they feed the dog, the lady over here feeds the dog, everybody feeds the dog. Just like you just heard someone say a few minutes ago, that we love the dog." 

While neighbors voiced their feelings on the injured dog, they also said they were worried about their families. A witness said, "It had me afraid to even come up here because I'm thinking one of my loved ones is dead and all this is over a dog."

The dog has survived and is currently receiving medical treatment.

Timothy Kitt, 34, and Christopher Mims, 34, were arrested after police say they were in possession of marijuana and crack cocaine. Cash and a revolver were also seized.

Police say officers responded to the 600 block of Dauphin Island Parkway around 10:58 Thursday morning for calls of individuals selling drugs.  The officers approached two individuals in a car matching the caller's description when police say one of the man started fighting an officer.  During the altercation, police say a dog attempted to bite one of the officers, who responded by shooting the dog.

Animal control was called in to assist and the dog is now receiving veterinary treatment. 

Kitt and Mims are charged with possession of controlled substance, possession of marijuana first degree, failure to obey, resisting arrest, possession of drug paraphernalia, and no pistol permit.



--- Original Story -- 

Residents in the Maysville community say they witnessed a Mobile Police Officer shoot and kill a dog while responding to a home on Dauphin Island Parkway Thursday morning.

A large police presence gathered at the home on the 600 block of Dauphin Island Parkway in Mobile after early reports of an officer shooting a dog.

Several residents were heard screaming down the street in anger towards police. 

We have not yet heard any official information from Mobile Police, who are still combing through the crime scene in front of the home.  

The reason for the officer responding to the home is unclear at this time.  Crime tape remains wrapped around the crime scene in the front and side area of the house.

At least one person was seen in custody in the back of a patrol car. The reason why the man was apprehended is unknown at this time. 

At least three shell casings have been marked at the scene. 

We are awaiting more information from police.

Follow the latest in this WKRG Facebook Live from the scene: 



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