US Marines headed to hurricane-ravaged Haiti with relief

ABOARD THE USS IWO JIMA (AP) - A U.S. Navy warship is bringing hundreds of Marines and sailors, along with power generators, water purifiers and bulldozers, to bolster relief efforts in hurricane-ravaged Haiti.

Navy Capt. James Midkiff is commander of the USS Iwo Jima and he says the eight helicopters on the ship will start ferrying food and medical supplies for aid organizations upon arrival. That could be as early as Wednesday.

The Iwo Jima can also provide medical help in Haiti, where hundreds have died, the injured languish unattended in hospitals, doctors warn of a surge in cholera and anger is rising in remote communities still awaiting aid a week after the hurricane struck.

The Iwo Jima is carrying more than 1,100 sailors and 600 Marines.


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