U.S. Marines in Mobile on Standby to Deploy to Florida

MOBILE, Alabama (WKRG) -  The U.S. Marines 3rd Reconnaissance Company located at Fort Whiting Armory is being used as a staging area for Marines from across the region waiting to be deployed to Florida. About 70 Marines are at Fort Whiting waiting for the call from FEMA.  They spent the last two days loading up various types of equipment for whatever mission their called for.

"Being reconnaissance Marines we have boats.  We have trucks and we have mechanics that can sustain and fix them if necessary," said Sergeant Major Henry Moore.

The Marines are trained and ready to conduct everything from air missions, search and recovery missions, to resupply missions.

"If that means rescuing people that maybe cannot rescue themselves. If it means cleaning up after the storm, repairing any kind of housing we have to do.  We'll do whatever it takes to help the Florida populous," said Sergeant Bryan Cripe.

While 70 Marines are on standby, the number of them deployed will depend on what mission they're called for.


Mobile County

Baldwin County

Northwest Florida