Woman Throws Rock at a Pensacola Police Officer

PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) -- One woman didn't get the memo about trading rocks at the Pensacola Police Department. Tuesday night, 33-year-old Lucile Morris walked into a Pensacola police station, with a wish list of strange requests.

"She wanted some shelter, she wanted some shoes and things like that, and we simply don't do that, we have places that we can refer them," says Officer Michael Wood, Public Information Officer with Pensacola Police Department.

As if being told no to a room and some shoes weren't enough of a hint, Morris then asked the officer if she could take his cruiser for a spin.

"It was obvious that she was intoxicated, and the officer politely told her, that was impossible, and she didn't like that too much," says Wood.

What happened next shocked police.

It was in the lobby that police say the woman asked for room and board, and when an officer told her no, she picked up a rock and threw it at him.

A rock painted with symbols honoring police sailed right into the officer's head.

"I don't know if she picked up that rock with the intention of hitting the officer, they're attractive, they're painted, she picked it up and maybe wanted to keep it I don't know," says Wood.

But we do know Morris is now facing charges for assaulting an officer.

She got out of jail yesterday, so I guess she got the room and board she was looking for.

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