What is that Large Black Tube on the Side of the Causeway?

BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) -- Driving westbound on the Causeway, you can't miss the 3,000 foot-long iron tube propped up on the side of the road. It's a 36-inch diameter welded steel casing for a new waterline that will replace one that broke on New Year's Day, causing several restaurants to close temporarily.

This is a huge undertaking for Mobile Area Water and Sewer System because they have to drill roughly 90 feet underneath the floor of the bay to bury the line.

"This is probably the most expensive repair we've ever done because it involves so much equipment. There is about $9 million worth of equipment that has been used as well as bringing in expertise from Texas and Oklahoma," Spokesperson Barbara Shaw explained.

The project was originally scheduled to be completed by end of July, but Tropical Storm Cindy pushed the date back to sometime in August.

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