Tonight at 10: Teen Says Men Used a Car Seat To Lure Her into a Trap

WKRG Staff - PRICHARD, Ala. (WKRG) -- A social media post that's been shared more than 2,700 times is striking fear into many who've read it. But, is the story true?

The post says a 16-year-old girl came upon a frightening scene on a local highway and barely escaped.

The post says the girl saw a car seat along Highway 158 in Prichard.

News 5 tracked down the girl who says when she stopped to check it out, two men came out of the woods and tried to grab her.

The headlights of another passing car, she says, scared the men away. She called her mother, who called 911.

The story is frightening, but it's also strikingly similar to a story that's been repeatedly debunked as an urban legend across the nation.

We are digging into the story to see if police believe what the young woman said.

What police say and what the teen told Hayley Minogue in a News 5 investigation at 10 pm.


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