The Latest on Possible Housing of undocumented Children in Baldwin County

A tractor mowing grass at the Navy airfield near Josephine is the only action this field has seen in years.

"There's nothing but an old rundown airstrip and it's overgrown with weeds," says Charlie Green who has lived in Josephine for more than a decade. Still, Wolf Airfield is one of two sites in Baldwin County that could temporarily house two thousand undocumented children from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. The other site is in Silverhill which has also been inactive for years.


"The only thing that I can imagine is they do a FEMA trailer like affair but I don't know how that would work with kids because kids have to be supervised. What are you going to do? Put ten in a trailer and have somebody stop by at night and see if they are all there?"

Some of those answers could come during a conference call with county commissioners and Health and Human Services, according to county commissioner Chris Elliott. "What we are going to try to do is ask them a bunch of questions about what they are going to do to try and protect the safety of Baldwin County residents if they choose to move these kids here."

At this point, it's still a proposal, a possibility. "Do I think the likelihood of the federal government choosing two completely ridiculous locations from an infrastructure standpoint to build, construct and house these folks is a good idea? I think it's clearly folly."

With little information about what the government is planning, so do a lot of other people, including Green. "I would really like to know if there are any plans, what are the plans? Don't just dump it out here and let us wonder."

That conference call is scheduled during the regular work session of the county commission. The audio from the call will be pumped into the auditorium for anyone who wants to hear more about the federal government's proposal.

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