Tallahassee, Florida Panhandle Mostly Spared from Worst of Hurricane Irma

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA (WKRG) -- While Florida has seen widespread flooding and storm damage from Hurricane Irma, the state's capital was mostly spared.

News 5's Debbie Williams has been reporting from Tallahassee this weekend and says fortunately, there wasn't much damage.  The storm barely grazed the city.

Williams say there are lots of trees down, traffic lights without power and some damaged power lines, but compared to what the rest of Florida is experiencing, Tallahassee was mostly spared.

Most of the Florida panhandle saw just minor to moderate damage from Hurricane Irma, which has now broken up into a Tropical Storm.

Williams will have more in her live reports coming up on News 5 at Noon, 5:00pm and 6:00pm.

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