Suspects in Booker Green Murder Case Will Face A Grand Jury

A shooting death case will go to a grand jury.

Booker Green was robbed at gunpoint and shot in his car on July 21st. He died a week later. It happened near his home at the intersection of Pecan Street and Belsaw Avenue.

The four suspects in the case were in court this morning.

24-year-old James Crandle, 18-year-old Gregory Crandle, 25-year-old Glenn Tabb and 21-year-old Xavier Graham were there, each with separate attorneys.

Each suspect had given a statement to Homicide Detective Nick Crepeau---except for James Crandle. All the others say they were there, but each denies having any involvement in the crime.

Wednesday's preliminary hearing was difficult for the family of Booker Green to sit through.

"I have spoken with the daughter, she was present today and certainly it's very difficult for her to hear all of this and to hear the testimony today so it was a difficult thing for her to hear," says Mobile County Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Wright.

"I don't think my nephew Xavier Graham did it, I think he's innocent...of all charges," says Graham's uncle, Frederick Sheffield.


The prosecution is waiting for fingerprints from the victim's car to come back from testing. They are also running ballistics on a gun found at Glenn Tabb's house. The prosecution will wait for those tests before taking it to a grand jury.

All suspects are charged with felony murder and remain in jail on $250,000 bond each.

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