Sam Jones Announces His Run for Mayor

MOBILE, Alabama (WKRG) --  Just two months away from Election Day, former Mayor Sam Jones announces he is running once again for mayor of Mobile. He made the announcement today at Greater Nazaree Baptist Church. There, many got up to say why they are supporting Jones this time around.

"Today I've come to tell you that I'm running for mayor," says Sam Jones.

"I told him Sam Jones would improve our parks and recreation facilities for all communities. He said how do you know? He did it before. I told him Sam Jones would strengthen and develop his infrastructure and make sure that our roads are better and that he would strengthen and support the drainage and make sure we have a good drainage system. He said how do you know? I said he did it before," says Pastor James Parrish.

"Sam Jones will for once and for all, set a course to truly unite this city. Because it is one thing to talk about "One Mobile", I mean it sounds good, it rolls off the tongue, makes for a good slogan, a good catchphrase, but it's a whole other thing to set about a course and walk that path and see it to purpose and that is why I'm here for Sam Jones," says another man.

"But we have been missing in the past four years is the industrial personalization. That means going out to establish relationships in your community, that means going outside the city of Mobile and establishing relationships, it means having a welcome personalization of yourself and making Mobile a welcome place for you to be without having to worry about "old money" coming into the way of the things that allow us to grow," says Angela Agnew.

The election is just two months away on Tuesday August 22.

The last time he was a candidate was back in the mayoral race in 2013.

He lost that election to current Mayor Sandy Stimpson.

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