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Retired Marine Colonel Hopes for Senate Write-In Win

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) -- After two months of a volatile Senate campaign between Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones, a third option is emerging. Retired Marine Colonel Lee Busby is mounting a last-minute write-in campaign that's picking up steam on social media as Election Day approaches.

Busby says he couldn't bring himself to vote for either Jones or Moore and knows lots of people in a similar predicament.

"People who I knew to be active, responsible, conservative voters, we're just telling me ‘I can't do it,'" Busby said. "(They said) I can't vote for that one and I can't vote for that one. I'm just not going to vote. I don't think not voting's a good option."

Busby says he's a Republican but can't vote for Roy Moore, and he made that decision long before allegations of sexual misconduct were made against the former judge.

"My warning bells go off, at a very personal level, when there's this sense of self-righteousness emanating out of a person, or a group," he said.

Busby launched his write-in campaign just two weeks ago but registered 5-percent of the vote in an Emerson College Poll conducted over the weekend. That same poll showed that he took about four-percent from Moore and one-percent from Jones. But he rejects arguments from Republicans that he's hurting his own party.

"Certainly I believe that we will siphon off some peripheral piece of that Moore campaign. I also believe that we will siphon off some peripheral piece of the Jones campaign, because in Tuscaloosa I know Republican voters who have Jones signs in their yard."

Alabama Senator Richard Shelby has already voted absentee.

"I didn't vote for Roy Moore," Shelby said. "I did a write-in for someone I thought was a distinguished Republican"

Shelby wouldn't say who that was. Busby hopes thousands of Alabamians will write his name in on Tuesday.

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