Residents In Downtown Neighborhoods Are Cracking Down On Crime

You've seen some of the surveillance footage for yourself right here on News 5.

Surveillance video showing burglars brazenly stealing items from homes and vehicles has become commonplace on the Mobile Police Department's Cyber Intelligence Facebook page.

The most recent burglary videos have come from the Oakleigh Garden District and Midtown Mobile neighborhoods.

Oakleigh is a picturesque neighborhood in downtown Mobile. According to locals, the neighborhood is typically a quiet place where neighbors all know one another.

However, one resident told me told that she and her husband have witnessed burglars on the prowl with their own eyes.

"The guy rides the bike down the street and pulls latches. There's a car or van behind him to throw the loot in and he just checks and if your car is open he goes in and gets whatever he can get, throws it in the car and rides off," Bernadette McNeil said.

From the front porch of Bernadette's home, where her husband sits at night, he can see the burglars but they can't see him.

"Yes, my husband has caught them twice," McNeil said. "Pretty much just saw the guy and just, you know said some harsh words, told him to beat it and run him off," McNeil continued.

However, burglars don't only target vehicles that are parked on the street. Ben Kyuk, who lives in Midtown, has a 150-foot driveway where he says one of his vehicles was broken into and burglarized.

"It's kind of scary, it could have been a home invasion, but it is very scary that someone would want to go that far in our driveway instead of trying unlocked cars on the street," Kyuk said.

Kyuk says he is now in the process of installing motion censored lights as well as surveillance cameras at his home.

Many of the criminals have been caught due to the large number of homes and vehicles that are equipped with surveillance cameras.

The best way to avoid having your car broken into is to make sure it is locked, especially if you're parking your car on the street. Police also warn against leaving firearms in vehicles.

Residents of the Oakleigh Garden District are taking matters into their own hands and patrolling the neighborhood at night.


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