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Record Number of Write-in Votes in Last Week's Senate Election

(WKRG) -- The election of Doug Jones to the U.S. Senate marked a milestone in Alabama politics. "If you studied the polls and looked at the polls, which have been quite accurate the last several elections, it was a surprise," says Baldwin County Probate Judge Tim Russell.

The difference in the election; absentee ballots, write-in candidates, provisional ballots and voter turnout. "42.7 percent in Baldwin County. It's incredible," says Russell.

A record number of voters didn't vote for Jones or Roy Moore. Instead, they wrote in their own candidate. "We had over 200 write-in names in Baldwin County with over 16 hundred total write-ins," says Russell.

Declared write-in candidate Lee Busby garnered the most votes. But also with significant totals, Luther Strange, Jeff Sessions and Alabama head football coach Nick Saban. Mickey Mouse was also pretty prominent and so was Jesus Christ. "Of course I believe in Jesus Christ very strongly myself," says the probate judge. "But we don't count that in that number."

In all 246 different names made it on Baldwin County ballots last week totaling 16 hundred and six votes for someone other than Jones or Moore.

Tuesday more than 400 provisional ballots will be tallied and those votes added to the final count.

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