Plane Pull Tests Teams Strength

MOBILE, AL (WKRG) -- Planes are a common sight when looking around the Brookley Airport. But you don't usually see people pulling the planes.

That was this morning's challenge for several teams of twenty. It was the second annual Plane Pull. Teams pulled an Airbus A-321 twelve feet, as quickly as they could. This year's event was bigger than last year with a few more teams competing. The money raised benefits the Dumas Wesley Community Center.

"We have a lot of programs that support seniors, at risk youth, our transitional housing program for families experiencing homelessness," said Joni Hendee, Dumas Wesley Community Center. "So just really a community taking care of each other's communities."

"If you're blessed enough to be successful, and our company has been, CCI Logistics for 40 years, you need to share the wealth," said Eddie Upchurch, CCI Employee who's company sponsored the event.

This year's plane was an American A-321. The competition was split into two groups. The Mobile County Sheriff's Office competed in the first responder division. They had one goal in mind – to win.

"Pretty good team together," Jeff Eiland, Mobile County Sergeant. "We had some big guys and some small, young females that helped us with this and we had a good time. Some of us competed last year so we kind of had in mind what we needed to do and what we needed to improve on from last year. We're glad we beat the fire department because they showed us up last year."

The Mobile County Sheriff's Office won their division. BTMAE was a returning champion for the community division.

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