ONLY ON FIVE: Washington Co. Hunter Scores Incredibly Rare Piebald Buck

Joshua Williams couldn't believe it when a rare piebald deer stepped out of the woods in Calvert, Alabama early Saturday morning.

"I thought it was a ghost at first," Williams said. "I just watched it and watched it. It got, like, 75 yards on me. I got a good shot and went right for the shoulder. It dropped on the spot."

The local chapter of Quality Deer Management Association President Daryl Bell says piebalds make up just 2% of the entire deer population according to their data. Piebalds' white and brown speckled fur is a genetic mutation that often makes them easy-to-spot targets for predators.

He says finding one as large as the one Williams shot is even more unusual. Bell said it looks to be at least 8 points.

"That's very rare. When people do see a piebald deer, it is so rare that people want to shoot it as quickly as they can so they have proof.  They usually shoot them before they get to that size, Bell said.

Williams said he's had people offer him "good money" for the deer, but he plans on ordering a full body mount to put the prize buck on display in his kitchen.

"It's a once in a lifetime shot," Williams said.


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