On The Brink Of Closing, Crescent Theater Comes Back


Unexpected, unique, eclectic. Whatever word you use to describe that little theater on Dauphin Street, it's a pleasant surprise to all.

"We've never been down here. (This is your first time? What do you think?) It's more intimate, it's more cozy. (Do you think you'll come more often now that you've seen it?) I think so, yeah," says Cindy Douglas.

Whether you're sitting in these seats for the first time, or come early to grab one of the more plush leather recliners like the more veteran Crescent-goers…

"We were here last week!"

It's almost impossible not to have a good time. And for the next two years at least, they can continue having a good time. You see, the Crescent came within hours of having to find somewhere else to show its movies. The rent on the building was raised from $2,000 to $3,000 a month. So the owner, Max Morey, took to social media.

"We had to raise $72,000 and we had like a month to do it!" says Assistant Manager Brendon Cook.

They were able to raise the amount—enough for a two year lease.

"Yay, we're happy!"

"It was just all up in the air for a while but we had such immediate support from everyone in the community," says Cook.

And it's easy to see why.

"It's a great venue for art-type movies that we enjoy that don't ever come to the regular theater and it would have been very sad to lose a great venue like this," says Nancy Thompson

"Very different than when you go to a multiplex, which is what the other theaters in Mobile and across the bay are, and there's not 20 minutes of previews!" says Mike Rosenbaum.

And now folks can enjoy what has become the jewel of downtown Mobile.

"We're the only independent theater around here and we're so thankful that the community cares enough about us to keep us around, to keep doing what we're doing," says Cook.

The Crescent theater has bounced back a few times now. About four years ago, they were almost forced to close when had to convert the theater to all digital audio and video. The community pitched in then and helped them raise enough money for a new camera and audio system.

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