Milk Truck Driver Recovering After Crashing Off the Side of I-10 Bayway

The driver of an 18-wheeler carrying milk cartons is lucky to be alive after a crash sent him plummeting off I-10 bridge and into Mobile Bay.

The wreck happened just before 5 a.m. Saturday morning when the 18-wheeler collided with two power trucks on their way to Florida for Hurricane clean-up and was sent crashing off the side of the bridge.

Senior Trooper Wade Fail responded to the 911 call within 15 minutes of the crash.

"When I turned through the bridges, I saw the truck right here and the driver was standing on this little platform," Fail said. "He appeared to be in shock. He had visible signs of burning. His clothes were burned and his left arm was burned."

Fail said not only is it miraculous the driver survived the fall from the bridge, but that he managed to pull himself out of the cabin that was quickly engulfed in flames.

The driver is currently recovering from the crash at USA Medical Center in Mobile.


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