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WKRG STAFF - 8:25  A.M.-The water over the roadway the eastbound Causeway is closed right now at the Battleship Parkway exit. So if you're headed to the Eastern Shore from Mobile you will definitely want to use the bay way we're also seeing about a two to three mile backup still crossing the Bay Way in the westbound lanes as result of a three-car accident near the Battleship Parkway exit. You can get through but it is causing a  delay there. Mobile police on the scene of accident I-65 Southbound to government westbound Ziegler at Schillinger.  A report of 2 to 3 feet of water over Dauphin Island Parkway near Yorkshire Road. Mobile Police putting up barricades in the area so you'll have to find a different route

7:55 A.M.- We've got a three-vehicle accident right now on the bayway headed towards Mobile from the Eastern Shore.  It's right before Exit 30 that's the causeway exit. Traffic is backed up all the way to the beginning of the Bayway there at Exit 35.  Not helping things is the causeway is flooded headed to eastbound there. You can't get onto I-10 eastbound from the causeway or get off there I-10 Westbound from the Bayway onto the causeway with the right hand lane flooded now.  The westbound Lanes actually look pretty good there. In Mobile accidents Ziegler and Schillinger Road, North I 65 southbound to Airport Boulevard without injuries. One with injuries I-65 Southbound exit ramp to Government Boulevard and an accident Grelot Road just east of Hillcrest where a car hit a tree.

7:25 a.m.- Flooding is continuing to cause issues right now on the causeway there eastbound near the bay way. we've got to the eastbound Lane is flooded right now trying to cross the Bay Way at the Battleship Parkway exit. you're not going to be able to get onto I-10 eastbound from the causeway and you're not going to be able to get off of I-10 headed Westbound from the bay way onto the causeway due to these flooded roadways in Mobile accidents North University of Mickey Drive, Grelot Road at Schillinger Road just moving it out of the roadway. one involving injuries creel Road at Theodore Dawes a tree is still down blocking the roadway know what at Vista Bonita Drive

6:55 a.m.- A flooded roadway has the eastbound Causeway closed. they're trying to get onto I-10 Eastbound at the bayway you're not going to be able to use that you'll have to use the whole Causeway to get across to the Eastern Shore this morning the right hand lane also seeing a good bit of water there in the eastbound Lanes as well beyond that moving along nicely on the bay-way pretty wet through the tunnels. In mobile accidents including North University of Mickey drive one involving injuries creel Road at Theodore Dawes avoid that intersection. a tree is down at Vista Bonita Drive, reports of water over the roadway there Dauphin Island Parkway at Marina Drive and in Pensacola continue to avoid the intersection with a serious accident Rockwood Road at North Davis Highway

6:35 A.M.- Once again the on-ramp to I-10 eastbound from the eastbound Causeway has been closed off with water in that area. In fact we've got some flooded road conditions there the eastbound Lanes of the causeway near the Battleship Parkway exit as well. The Bayway looks good, but still very wet out here. A new accident in Mobile involving injuries at Creel Road and Theodore Dawes. Mobile Police headed the scene.  Also report of water over the roadway at DIP at Marina Drive. Still a  large oak tree down there Havens Drive at Howell's Ferry and in Pensacola avoid the intersection of Rockwood Road at North Davis Highway with a serious accident there.

6:10 A.M.-We're seeing some flooding on the causeway in the eastbound Lanes near the Battleship Parkway exit. The on-ramp there to I-10 is open but it is seeing some flooding conditions so you may not want to use that this morning and be extra cautious there. The right hand lane also seeing some flooding near the Battleship Parkway exit.  The interstate actually looks good right now, no problems through either of the tunnels. In Mobile we have some areas where trees are down at the intersections of Havens Road there at Howell's Ferry also Knollwood at Vista Bonita Drive.  In Pensacola we also have a serious accident there Rockwood Road there in North Davis Highway.  The outside eastbound Lane is blocked with lots of emergency vehicles on the scene5:55 A.M.-Well we've seen some flooding on the causeway this morning especially around the Battleship Parkway exit in the eastbound Lanes. The right hand lane is seeing more water than others so use extra caution if you have to go through that area. You might not even want to really use the on ramp there on the I-10 eastbound due to flooding there from the causeway. Now the Bayway it looks good both tunnels also look good as well. In Mobile no accidents but trees down there including at Knollwood Drive there at Vista Bonita Drive and Howell's Ferry at Havenswood. A serious accident has occurred in the Pensacola area the intersection of Rockwood Road in North Davis Highway. The outside eastbound Lane is blocked and lots of emergency vehicles are on the scene 5:35 A.M.-The Bayway both directions looking good and through the tunnels. However we do have some flooding there on the causeway the Eastbound Lanes you're not going to be able to get onto I-10 eastbound there from the Battleship Parkway exit from the causeway. That location is flooded, the right hand lane there on the Eastbound Causeway at the Battleship Parkway exit is also seeing some flooding as well, so use some caution. In Mobile some traffic hazards including a large tree limb down there Knollwood at Vista Bonita Drive and an oak tree is down Havenswood at Howel's Ferry avoid those intersections. Looking good though through the Pensacola area according to Florida Highway Patrol.5:06 A.M.- Our initial look at traffic here on this Thursday morning reveals the Bayway looks good. Both directions without any problems or delays we can get through both tunnels as well and mobile a few traffic hazards there's a large tree limb down Knollwood there at Vista Bonita Drive. Also an oak tree is falling at Havenswood at Howel's Ferry, avoid those two intersections. Looking good coming down I-65 with no problems right now according to Mobile Police. Alabama Highway Patrol reporting no accidents they're working and Florida Highway Patrol reporting no problems in the Pensacola area as well.Reports from our News 5 Traffic Reporter, Kenny Fowler.

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