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8:25 A.M.- Your Friday morning commute continues to look good. We've noticed this morning (for some reason) it's lighter than normal traffic volume throughout the area, so that's good news.  No problems right now crossing the Bayway or Causeway.  We're also looking good through both tunnels. A new fender bender has occurred Springdale Boulevard and Airport Boulevard service road just outside of the mall. It's just a fender bender Mobile Police there. No problems through Baldwin County and in Pace a new accident Highway 90 in front of the Walmart. Pensacola Police and Florida Highway Patrol reporting no other accidents.7:55 A.M.- More good news, traffic looks good right now throughout the Mobile area. We're problem and accident free right now both directions of the Bayway and Causeway.  Both tunnels running smoothly as well. No issues coming down I-65 and no problems right now according to Mobile Police and Alabama Highway Patrol.  An earlier accident still being worked in Pensacola at Scenic Hills Drive and East Nine Mile Road. Florida Highway Patrol on the scene of that accident. Beyond that, no other major trouble spots. 7:25 A.M.- If your schedule takes you out on the roadways over the next few minutes, good news if you need to take the Bayway or Causeway. Both of them are flowing along nicely, no issues through either of the tunnels as well, Both Mobile police and Alabama Highway Patrol reporting no accidents in Mobile right now.  We're looking good through Baldwin County.  Two accidents in Pensacola right now  including Scenic Hills Drive at East Nine Mile Road. Looks like possible roadblock there and just south of that an accident involving injuries East Olive Road and North Hilburn Drive. Florida Highway Patrol on the scene.

6:55 A.M- You've got a new Fender bender that's occurred at the intersection of Dogwood Drive near Airport Boulevard. Mobile police on the scene there and trying to get that taken care of. No problems coming down I-65 and it's a smooth commute right now and Rangeline Road towards the I-65 interchange there on I-10 headed eastbound. Our Bayway and Causeway commute continues to look good without any problems in through the tunnels as well. In Pensacola a new accident at East Olive Road and North Hilburn Road involving injuries but no accidents according to Pensacola Police.

6:35 A.M.- We're rolling long freely both directions of the Bayway and Causeway and through both tunnels moving along nicely. Be aware of that sunrise glare if you're headed Eastbound there especially coming out of the George Wallace tunnel, but no problems according to Mobile Police and Alabama Highway Patrol in the Mobile area.  Over towards Pensacola two separate accidents in Milton at West Spencer Field Road at Highway 90 so avoid that intersection but no other problems according to Pensacola Police.

6:05 A.M.- As you're waking up and getting out on the roadways, both directions of the Bayway and Causeway are flowing along nicely. You should be on time if you need to use either one of those. Looking good through both tunnels as well. Mobile Police reporting no accidents right now in Mobile. Highway Patrol there at highway 98 at South Perdido Street in Lillian.  One vehicle left the roadway and a Wrecker is on the scene so should be clearing soon.  Florida Highway Patrol on the scene of an accident involving injuries Pine Forest Road at West Nine 1/2 Mile Road but we're looking good I-10 to i-110.5:55 A.M.As the sun makes its Friday morning debut we are moving along well on the Bayway and Causeway, no problems either direction and looking good through the tunnels as well. No new trouble spots according to Mobile Police. Highway Patrol still in East Baldwin County on Highway 98 near South Perdido Street in Lillian.  Florida Highway Patrol on the scene of a number of accidents including one with injuries at Pine Forest Road at West Nine 1/2 Mile Road.   Also an accident I-10 eastbound on the Escambia Bay Bridge around the 19 mile marker.  West Spencer Field Road at Highway 90, a problem there in Milton.  Closer to the coast Sorrento Road at Bauer Road, a fender bender occurred there. 5:35 A.M.- Not a bad start for your Friday crossing the Bayway and Causeway, both directions running smoothly and no problems right now through either of the tunnels. Mobile Police clearing an earlier accident Highway 90 and Rangeline Road (it was just a fender bender). Highway patrol in the scene of an accident in East Baldwin County there on Highway 98 at South Perdido Street in the Lillian area. It's right in front of Lillian Vet Clinic and just a fender bender. A new accident Pensacola, expect some delays there near the intersection of Pine Forest Road and West Nine 1/2 Mile Road. That's pretty close to I-10 and looks like a little bit of a roadblock. 5:10 A.M.- Our first check of traffic reveals that we've got an accident in the Mobile area at Highway 90 at Rangeline Road. It's just a fender bender but Mobile police on the scene. No other accidents though in Mobile. We're looking good coming down I-65 and no problems right now crossing the Bayway or Causeway or through either tunnel. In Baldwin County we've got an accident Highway 98 in Lillian there in front of the vet clinic. That's near South Perdido Street just a few miles from the Florida state line. A little bit of a delay there as Alabama Highway patrols on the scene. And in Pensacola no accidents but a problem in Milton; West Spencer Field Road at Highway 90.

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