Law Enforcement Release Deadly Bonnie and Clyde Stand Off Video

News 5 has obtained the video that shows the deadly confrontation between the couple dubbed the modern day Bonnie and Clyde and authorities.This follows a new report by the Florida State Attorney's Office which determined the shooting justifiable.


Video taken from police cameras in February shows the couple cornered in a red ford truck.

Blake Fitzgerald makes a break for the home through the back door.  You can see he's holding onto Brittany Harper's waist as he moves a back entrance.  Authorities say he tries to open the door with the butt of his gun but is unsuccessful, and that's when authorities open fire.

He's hit several times, one of the shots from a sniper hits him under the eye.

"While the actions of the law enforcement personnel has now been completed with the death of Blake Fitzgerald and the review by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and they've prepared a detailed report, and they've provided to us and we've reviewed it, and determined that the officers acted appropriately," said Bill Eddins, Florida State Attorney.

Fitzgerald was pronounced dead at the scene, while harper was wounded and survived the shootout.  Brittany harper is now facing federal charges for her role in the alleged couple's four-state crime spree

Mobile County

Baldwin County

Northwest Florida