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Injured Bystander Speaks Out After Fugitive Crash

PRICHARD, Ala. (WKRG) -- Looking at Maverick McCaskill, lucky may not be the word that comes to mind, but that's exactly how he feels.

"I'm blessed to be alive. I'm truly blessed," said McCaskill. "It just happened so fast. They were doing about 100 miles an hour. They just ran the stop sign."

His car was toppled over in a crash from a fleeing fugitive. McCaskill was one of two bystanders injured in the crash at Bear Fork Road and Dial Street.

Authorities say they were trying to apprehend Larry Lett-Hall who was wanted on seven felony warrants, including charges kidnapping, assault, and sex charges against two children.

One passenger was killed in his vehicle, another was injured and so was Lett-Hall.

But officials with the US Marshals Office say even though the suspect was fleeing, they never actually were able to start chasing because he left too fast.

Lett-Hall was taken into custody following the crash.

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