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Hundreds take a plunge at Flora-Bama

WKRG Staff - ALABAMA/FLORIDA (WKRG) --  People along the Gulf Coast took to the beach to take a dip in the Gulf.

Flora-Bama's annual polar bear dip always draws a good sized crowd.  This year was a bit cooler than years past.

It was 34 degrees at noon in Perdido, with 17 MPH winds and a wind chill of 25.  The water temperature was 66 degrees.

"When you go in the water, the water is so cold your body goes instantly numb," one swimmer said.  "You don't feel it until you come out of the water and the wind blows by."

"I moved to Florida to be warm," said Ricky Payton, one of the swimmers.  "They lied."

Among those making the plunge was a Michael Phelps look alike, a flexing patriot, and a guy in a Hawaiian shirt.

People who took the plunge a year ago said last year it was a lot warmer, but the sunshine still made it a beautiful day.

Just when it seemed like the party was over, a group of friends decided to take the plunge.

"Hopefully we can make this a tradition cause I think this is everybody's first time doing it," said one of the friends after they came out of the water.  "Hopefully well do this again for next year."

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