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How To Protect Your Home Ahead Of Freezing Temps

With colder temperatures on the way, many will have to start thinking about how to protect their homes. Store Manager, Brian Clifford at Home Depot has a few tips.

First, Clifford says if you feel a draft from a window, get weather stripping. Place it near the frame on the inside to keep the cold air out.

Also, if you have animals that must stay outside, a heat lamp is a good idea.

"A lot of people use them to keep animals warm. You can put them in a chicken coup, a dog house, someplace that's not super contained. But you just put a heat bulb in them, they can just clamp on to anything, just plug them in and it just keeps the area warm."

Just make sure you get the right heat bulb for the heat lamp. You can ask a store clerk for help.

You want to make sure all your exposed pipes are covered.

"You want to look for crawl spaces or any space where there's an exposed pipe, near a vent, near an access point. You can use the foam pipe wrap, there's also fiberglass pipe wrap, you can also use heat tape. You want to make sure you get it for the right size pipe. Usually on the pipe somewhere it will say what size it is."


Experts say to also leave your indoor faucets running just slightly. Clifford says a good idea is to also open the cabinets to expose the faucet pipes to the warm air circulating in your home.

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