Hangout Music Festival, What You Need To Know

"This is my first experience," says Abby Jacobs of Gulf Breeze, FL. "I'm so excited." But you also need to be prepared for a music festival at the beach. There will be a ton of people, 40 thousand is the capacity each day but it can feel like millions if you are trying to move around on the sand, in the heat and you are without sunscreen or enough water.

You will be searched every time you come into the festival. No glass containers, only one empty water container is allowed and there is a zero tolerance drug policy.

While this part of the beach has been taken over by the festival, there are a number of other beach accesses to the East and West of the main public beach. It just may take you a little longer to get there.

Even though it can be inconvenient for locals, it pumps more than 30 million dollars into the local economy every year and it's become one of the "must-see" venues on the music festival circuit. "It's just nice," says Adam Shivers from Gulf Shores. "Cool vibes, we have great music and I'm just excited to be here. It's my hometown. I love it. I love it that it's here."

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