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Gulf Shores City Council Votes to Form School Board

WKRG Staff - GULF SHORES, Ala. (WKRG) -- The Mayor and the Gulf Shores City Council voted unanimously to start the application process for a new school board Monday.

The City plans to have the board in place by the end of November.

Once the board is formed, members will make major decisions on funding, school locations, and deciding how to staff the schools.

Several teachers were at the meeting and were concerned that they would lose their jobs.

There are discussions that those teachers may be able to seek employment with the new Gulf Shores School District.

The resolution votes come after a PARCA study was released.

A spokesman for the city council says the results of the study show that the city has enough tax dollars rolling in to properly and comfortably sustain a school district on its own.

City Council says applications for the school board will be available next Monday and will be due two weeks after that.

The new board will be announced on November 27th.

Superintendent Eddie Tyler of the Baldwin County School District released the following statements last week after the Gulf Shores City Council set the date for the vote.

I'm disappointed that Gulf Shores didn't come out of the gates with a plan for excellence. In fact, their five page plan is the bare minimum, with a significant reduction in per pupil spending from where they are today. Had they come out with a plan to be the best funded, best staffed system in Alabama, then I would be applauding them and excited for what they can do, but that is not what they have shown. While I have hope, and I wish them well, I am also concerned for these families and their future education."

We are reviewing the executive summary provided by Gulf Shores and while we have many questions and concerns regarding missing information and inaccurate data, we are not going to oppose their split and, in fact, we wish them well in their future endeavors.

We have been anticipating the Gulf Shores split for several months. In fact, our decision to move forward with the middle school in Orange Beach was in large part a result of information we had received about the impending decision in Gulf Shores.

To the remaining students and parents in this area rest assured we are fully prepared to take care of your children in a brand new facility and we have already heard from teachers and principals who plan on staying with the Baldwin County Public School System; we do not expect any significant disruptions in these transfers.

Right now the Baldwin County School System is on fire. We are seeing growth in all of our academic sectors. Our teachers are excited and signing up for additional professional development like never before. Our graduation rates and our college scholarship awards are higher than they have ever been. Our funding has stabilized and we have more construction underway now than we have had in the preceding 10 years combined.

Though we wish Gulf Shores well in their future endeavors we are excited at the opportunity to have more time to focus on the remaining feeder patterns in Baldwin County as we continue to strive for excellence.

I am Eddie Tyler, Superintendent of the Baldwin County Public School System, and I remain Community Strong Baldwin Proud!


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