Gulf Coast Ducks From Mobile Helping in Houston

Our very own Gulf Coast Ducks are near Houston tonight—the duck boats are helping transport people who are in need of dialysis.

You may have seen the video earlier this week. A Facebook live video of CNBC reporter Contessa Brewer on a duck boat from Mobile going to get a dialysis patient to transport him to treatment. Gulf Coast Ducks left Mobile last week to go help out.

"Unlike stuff we saw during Katrina, Houston is an interesting place right now," says Gulf Coast Ducks owner Scott Tindle.

Owner of Gulf Coast Ducks, Scott Tindle describes the conditions.

"We've got a lot of dry land and we've got pockets of flooded land, and then we have people who are dry in their homes but surrounded by water," says Tindle.

These duck boats usually give tours around downtown Mobile, but now they're having to navigate flooded streets. Their goal—to get those people in homes surrounded by water who depend on dialysis treatments.

"All these people who are on dialysis are in late-stage kidney failure, so going just one week without your dialysis treatment can mean the difference of life and death," says Tindle.

One man they were able to help—Betram Bailey, had already missed a week of treatment, so getting to him was a priority. Several duck boats are in Houston right now because of their unique feature—being able to go from dry land, to water, back to land again. Tindle is partnering with Fresenious Kidney Care to get as many of their patients as they can.

"For us, you know I think there is a point of pride in being able to provide a service that maybe other people can't provide and just going and doing it because it's the right thing," says Tindle.

There are three duck boats from Mobile out there, along with boats from other cities, like Austen Texas. Tindle says they will stay out there as long as they're needed, but says that may be there just one more week.

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