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Gay community upset with how Governor Ivey is being treated

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) - The gay community is not happy with how Governor Kay Ivey is being treated.  Despite no confirmation, evidence or facts to support the governor is a lesbian; threats and accusations continue.  Corey Harvard, the leader of Free 2 Be, an LBGTQ organization formed to provide support for minorities and marginalized people, is extremely upset with Governor Ivey's public attack.  He said this is proof, that "someone’s sexuality can be weaponized against them.”

Though Harvard says Governor Ivey has not been a friend to the LGBTQ community, he's not happy with what's happening to her, “I think that is kind of bullying, people know that is never appropriate no matter what the circumstance is, or who’s doing the outing.  It’s nothing new, and people who are LGBTQ in Alabama have to deal with on a regular basis."

Discussion about the Governor's sexuality began Alabama's first openly gay legislator, Patricia Todd, tweeted:

“Will someone out her for God's sake....I have heard for years that she is gay and moved her girlfriend out of her house when she became Gov. I am sick of closeted elected officials.”

Harvard doesn't agree with Todd's tactics though, he's not been too happy with the Governor's responses either.  He said, "The comment after someone suggested she might be a lesbian, that it was a disgusting lie…comments like that and some of the actions she’s done in her position, hasn’t been friendly to the LGBTQ community.  But that certainly doesn’t influence my opinion of her being treated poorly."

Thus far, the Governor has dismissed all claims she is a lesbian.

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