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Family Member of Accused Murderer Kenneth Lever: "He Snapped"

A family member who wishes to remain anonymous is speaking exclusively to News 5.

We're learning more about triple murder suspect Kenneth Lever.  Lever shot and killed his estranged wife, Dana Lever, her sister Bonnie Foshee and her husband, Don Foshee outside Dana's home in Gardendale, Alabama Wednesday morning.

The multi-state search for Kenneth Lever ended with his suicide outside the Navy Federal Credit Union in Pensacola.

The family member wishes to remain anonymous but lives close to the Navy Federal in Baldwin County.  He wants to set the record straight about Ken, one of his best friends, who this family member says reached a breaking point.

The family member of 52-year-old Kenneth Lever says Ken was a family man who loved his children dearly.  After being accused of child sex crimes in Pennsylvania, Lever's life began falling apart.  He was arrested, lost his job, and his wife left him.  Just a few weeks ago, he brought this family member something, at the time, saying it was just in case.

"He brought me a copy of his last will and statement," the family member said.  "We sat out and talked for an hour, hour and a half. And I said, 'Don't do anything crazy.'  He said, 'No, I'm not thinking of anything like that.'  Had no reason to doubt him."

Family members also said Kenneth's wife, Dana, fought for sole custody of their daughter and won.

"Lost visitation rights with his daughter," the family member said.  "I think that was what caused him to snap to lose it. He was a reasonable guy, I always knew him to be a reasonable guy."

Family members say they're not defending what Lever did, but that he was a caring and generous person, who just snapped.  They send their condolences to everyone involved, especially Dana's family., "I  feel horrible for his wife Dana and their family up there.  We are so sorry for what happened, it's sad."

The Gardendale Police Department shared the following message on their Facebook page concerning donations for Kenneth Lever's daughter:

The funds will be used for her future expenses. If you want to donate, you may go by any Regions Bank location. They should be able to access the account using her name. Thank you for supporting this family during as they go through the aftermath of this tragedy.

A GoFundMe has also been set up.  You can click HERE to donate.


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