Elberta Police Chief Stan Devane Returns Home

ELBERTA, Ala. (WKRG) -- It was probably the longest three hours of a vacation that started a month ago and included a near death experience and an extended stay in a hospital.

"I'm glad to be in Elberta, Alabama," said Elberta Police Chief Stan Devane. Coming home is probably the best medicine Devane could have ever received after being thrown from a horse in Idaho Falls last month while on vacation. "I still got seven broken ribs, a touch of pneumonia but other than that I'm alright."

He calls it a vacation that just went a little sideways. "The horse I was riding just went to the rodeo with me. It didn't give me no warning, didn't give me a chance to adjust in the saddle or nothing. When I come to, I was laying on the ground face down."

Elberta mayor Jim Hamby was there too, on vacation with Devane. "We went on a vacation to have an adventure and to have something to talk about and we accomplished both of those things and we could have never dreamt that it would have come out this way."

The little town of Elberta rallied around the chief and his wife Debbie, sending cards and prayers to the hospital in Colorado. Those prayers have now been answered. "Just taking little baby steps and we are going to take it slowly if I can keep him slow," laughs Debbie Devane, the chief adding, "I'm glad to be back it's been a long vacation."

Doctors say it will take several months before Devane is fully recovered. Devane says he will be back on a horse as soon as he is able.

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