Doctors: Flu can cause other health issues several days after recovery

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) - More bad news when it comes to the flu this year. Doctors say it can be compounded with other illnesses as well as cause health complications weeks after recovery from the flu.

if you've had the flu’re not out of the woods yet. Doctors say just having the flu can cause other serious problems.

“And we’re talking about the secondary bacterial infections, pneumonia and sepsis are the biggest killers that come after the flu,” says Dr. Mike Mahoney with Eastern Shore Urgent Care.

The message being if you feel bad so many days after having the flu, don’t sit at home waiting for it to get better.

“Two weeks after having the flu, they’re having problems with a productive cough, difficulty breathing, chest pain, or even signs of a sinus infection, we don’t ignore that because you’re still prone to getting sick after the flu,” says Dr. Mike Mahoney with Eastern Shore Urgent Care.

Getting two illnesses for the price of one is also common. A woman in Utah recently died after being diagnosed with Influenza B and strep throat. Dr. Mahoney still recommends getting the flu shot if you’re not sick right now.

“Our current flu vaccination is a quadrivalent one which covers four strains. Now one of those strains may be zero percent effective but there’s still some protection against the others,” says Mahoney.

The Centers for Disease Control says one in 10 deaths in the U.S. is caused by the flu or pneumonia and more than 60 children have died. This is not something to take lightly. Meanwhile, Dr. Mahoney says he thinks we've hit the peak of flu season here along the Gulf Coast. Even though he sees it tapering, the flu season does typically last until April.

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