Coden Teen Diagnosed With Bad Infection, Not Vibrio

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) -- We first told you Saturday about a teenager who was rushed to the hospital Friday night. At first, they thought it might be the flesh eating bacteria, but hospital officials tell us there was no evidence of Vibrio Vulnificus, that it was just a bad infection. Still, it's a cautionary tale to stay out of the water if you have an open wound.

Back with his friends today, Matthew Collier was at football practice at Alma Bryant High School, after having spent a weekend in the ER.

"It was pretty bad, I was scared," says Collier.

Matthew cut his hand last Tuesday during practice. It was mostly healed by the time he went swimming at Dauphin Island Friday evening.

"I wasn't thinking about my finger being open and I forgot that it was in the water," says Collier.

You can see from pictures, the progression from Friday night to Saturday afternoon, the skin peeling back and blistering around the cuts. Collier was rushed to Mobile Infirmary, but was transferred to USA Children's and Women's because of his age and because it was a special case. Doctors took action immediately, not waiting for test results to come back, before starting him on antibiotics.

"They took my vitals and in about 30 minutes they took me back, hooked me up to just an IV to keep fluid in me and then when he came back there and looked he just right away knew it, knew I had to go ahead and get on the medicine," says Collier.

A scary ordeal for any teenager to go through.

"I tried my hardest not to look up pictures of it, that way I wouldn't get too worried," says Collier.

He was given antibiotics every three to four hours and by Sunday, the cuts looked remarkably better. But he knows how bad it could have been.

"Pretty happy cause I could have lost my fingers. Probably, I could have lost my fingers."

Again, hospital officials say this was just a bad infection and that the antibiotics they gave Matthew were not ones used to treat Vibrio.

Matthew says from now on, he'll stick to just jumping in the pool rather than getting in the water.

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