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"Can Head" Visits Pensacola Streets

PENSACOLA, Florida (WKRG) -- A man with a rare skin condition calls himself Can Head.

Jamie Keeton is known to some as Can Head.  Keeton is a Guiness World Record holder from Pensacola.  He has a rare skin condition that makes objects stick to his body. Now he travels the world showing off his sticky tricks.

Keeton has even turned the rare condition into a business. "I became the ultimate marketing tool because people pay me to wear their products at events: music, concerts, NASCAR. And now I literally go around the world wearing people's products for money," Keeton tells News 5 Photojournalist Dan Kettinger.

Keeton also refers to himself as "the human suction cup."  He says, "I'm one of four people in the world, my skin pores suck in oxygen and makes things stick to me."

Can Head enjoyed walking the streets of Pensacola having fun with anyone interested in the man with cans on his head.

"When mommy's driving or aunt or whatever, make sure they always drive hands-free okay?" Keeton tells a young lady while sticking a phone on his head.

Can Head does not care what people think of his rare condition, but he looks forward to anyone willing to give him a smile. "They could be in a bad mood. They could be sad and then all of a sudden they see me and they start laughing," said Keeton. "I don't care if they think I'm an idiot. I'm getting paid to do it most of the time, but when I don't I just like making people smile and have a good time."

Keeton says the best part about his condition is that he doesn't age normal. The condition allows him to appear younger than his age.


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