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BREAKING: Tropical Storm Cindy Officially Forms in Gulf of Mexico, Heavy Rainfall Expected

Tropical Storm Cindy is in the Central Gulf.  This is the tropical storm that has been bringing us so much rain today.  The forecast still takes the storm to our west, towards western Louisiana in the next two days.  Landfall would likely be sometime tomorrow.  However, just because the center goes to the west, doesn't mean we won't have any impacts from the storm.

With the storm staying to our west, we will be on the eastern side of it.  This is where all the rain is.  This will also be our biggest threat from the storm as heavy rain after a wet few weeks could create flooding issues.  A Flash Flood Watch is in effect for the WKRG area through Thursday Evening.  There is also a Coastal Flood Advisory in effect for part of the WKRG area.  Lots of rain with heavy rain bands will be likely today through Thursday.  Rain totals could reach more than a half foot for parts of the area by Friday.  Make sure your drainage and gutters are clear and ready for water.

Rain is our main threat but it will be breezy.  Along the coast, winds will help to create rough seas and strong rip currents.  Tomorrow's east winds will be 10 to 20 mph inland, with 20 to 30 mph along the coast.  High water can be expected on the west side of bays and rivers.


Clouds, rain, and winds will keep highs in the lower to mid 80's over the next few days.  We'll be drier by the weekend helping our temperatures return back to normal, near 90.

In the Atlantic, Tropical Storm Brett has formed off the coast of Venezuela.  It will move west for a day before weakening and falling apart.  Brett is not a concern for our Gulf Coast but it will bring rain to the Lesser Antilles, Aruba, and northern Venezuela.


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