BREAKING: Man Shot by Baldwin Deputy Dies

UPDATE Saturday, May 13th 10:15 am

Authorities say the man shot by a Baldwin County Deputy Friday has died. They also identified the man in the following news release:

"The Baldwin County Major Crimes Unit continues the investigation into an officer involved shooting that occurred on Interstate 10 in Baldwin County on Friday, May 12, 2017.

The man shot was flown to USA Medical Center in Mobile, Alabama where he was pronounced deceased around 1 am this morning,

He has been identified as Jonathan David Victor. Victor is 35 years old and from Metairie, Louisiana.

There will be no other details released today."

------News 5 will continue to follow this story and bring updates as they happen. 

UPDATE: 10:30 PM

All Interstate 10 Eastbound lanes are open.


A witness posted on Facebook that he believes he saw the man pull a gun.


A source tells News 5 a law enforcement officer shot a man after a traffic accident on I-10 at the Florida, Alabama State line. The crash involved a man with Louisiana plates on his car. According to the source, he was injured. When first responders tried to help him, he became combative. They called felt threatened and called law enforcement for back-up. A law enforcement source says the driver started gesturing with his hand. He had an object in his hand, and law enforcement fired and shot him.

BREAKING UPDATE: One Person Confirmed Shot in Front of Medical Unit, Fire Unit on I-10

News 5 has confirmed that an officer-involved shooting has occurred in Baldwin County on Interstate-10 eastbound near the Florida state line.

One person was shot, though we don't know if it was the Baldwin County Sheriff's Deputy on scene or another individual. We're told the shooting happened at some kind of traffic stop on I-10 eastbound in the presence of a medical unit and fire unit that responded to the area for an unknown reason.

The Baldwin County Sheriff's Deputy had also responded to the scene to assist medical and fire crews.  Soon after, shots were fired.

The circumstances of the shooting are unclear at this time.  We have a crew heading to the scene for more on this developing story.

The condition of the person shot is unknown at this time.

Watch News 5 at 6:30 -- we'll have the latest in reports throughout the newscast.

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